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If you are applying for a job as a receptionist, good manners and the ability to answer questions clearly are necessary attributes for this role. You should emphasize these and other common receptionist skills in your cover letter. A receptionist cover letter should also highlight any specific skills called for in the job description, such as familiarity with medical terminology, or Microsoft Office or QuickBooks expertise. esl writing sites usa

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Orthodox Churches - Orthodox Churches research papers discuss the origin of the the Orthodox Churches and look into the groups that label themselves as Orthodox Christians.  popular blog post editor for hire au

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esl writing sites usa Now that I have explained what the basics of christianity are and how the religion views things I need to do the same with Buddhism. Buddhism is probably the most tolerant religion in the world, as its teaching can coexist with any other religion. Other religions, on the other hand, do not possess this characteristic and cannot accommodate Buddhism at the same time. The Buddhist teaching of God is neither agnostic nor vague, but clear and logical. Buddhism began this way: Siddhartha Gautama was born in the sixth century B.C. in what is now modern Nepal. His father, Suddhodana, was the ruler of the Sakya people and Siddhartha grew up living the extravagant life of a young prince. According to custom, he married at the age of sixteen to a young girl named Yasodhara. His father had ordered that he live a life of total seclusion, but one day Siddhartha ventured out into the world and was confronted with the harsh reality of life and universal suffering. The next day, at age twenty-nine, he left his kingdom and new-born son to lead and plain, reclusive life and determine a way to relieve this universal suffering. For six years, Siddhartha meditated under a bodhi tree, but he was never fully satisfied.

For the remainder of his eighty years, the Buddha preached the dharma in an effort to help other people reach Enlightenment. The Buddha examined the phenomenal life objectively. Studying effects and tracing their causes, he produced a science of living which ranks with any other science known to man. He describes life to be one and indivisible. Man, he declared, can become Buddha, Enlightened, by the principle of Enlightenment within. This process is simply to become what you are, to develop to the full innate Buddha-Mind by destroying the ignorance, sin and evils of human nature. All forms of life, according to the Buddha, can be shown to have three characteristics in common; impermanence, suffering, and an absence of permanent soul which separates us from other forms of life. The Buddha also pointed out that nothing is the same as is was only a moment ago. Everything is changing. Even the hills are being worn away, and every human particle is being replaced every seven years. There is no finality or rest within the universe, only a ceaseless becoming and never-ending change. Buddhism denies that man has an immortal soul. The Enlightenment which dwells in life does not belong to one form of life. Man is always changing and entirely mortal. In addition, Buddhism is a natural religion. It does not violate either mind or body. The Buddha became aware that men are born and die according to their good or evil actions, according to their self-created Karma -- the consequences of good or evil deeds. Even though there are several different forms of Buddhism that have come into existence since Buddha"s death, there is still a basic essence that all Buddhists agree with.

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Christian communities in Mesopotamia and Iran deeply influenced Christian practices in the Roman empire. To demonstrate utter loyalty to their faith, Christians in southwest Asia often followed strict ascetic regimes, inspired by Indian traditions, they abstained from sexual contact, refused fine foods and other comforts, and sometimes even withdrew from family life and society. These practices impressed devout Christians in the roman empire. By the third century C.E. some Mediterranean Christians had begun to abandon society altogether and live as hermits in the deserts of Egypt, the mountains of Greece, and other isolated locations. Others withdrew from lay society but lived in communities of like-minded individuals who devoted their efforts to prayer and praise of God. Thus ascetic practices of Christians living in lands east of the Roman empire helped to inspire the formation of Christian monastic communities in the Mediterranean basin.

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 Walking along the beach, even the normally freezing Pacific ocean felt warm and refreshing . Taking our shoes off, we dipped our toes in the ocean and strolled leisurely along the entire stretch of the Pacifica State Beach.  esl expository essay editor website

The Level of Description is very good, and shows a candidate indicative of a Grade B for GCSE. The candidate uses a wide range of sentence structures, lexical choices and linguistic devices in order to create the imagery of the serenity of a beach. Throughout the answer there is a good control over adjectives - a few candidates often overload their sentences with complex descriptions that can often weigh-down the sentences and stunt the fluidity, but this candidate remains in control throughout.

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The job of a pharmacist is to dispense prescription medications to patients and provide advice on the safe use of prescriptions. Pharmacists also sometimes conduct health and wellness screenings, provide immunizations, check for interactions between medications, and give advice on healthy lifestyle choices. Pharmacists usually work in pharmacies. best argumentative essay ghostwriters for hire usa

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 Your healthcare resume must include a short and specific statement specifying your goal that includes position, industry and/or relevant skills. For example: Position as a Nurse of Health Care Provider.  custom rhetorical analysis essay editing websites

Describe your skills using job related keywords. For example, Computer/Tech skills like software and program expertise, especially if it is related to healthcare. Your technical skills can be listed in a separate Technical Summary section or within the context of another achievement. For example, 'developed and implemented patient status/tracking system using MS Access.

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