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nick catricala Sarah, what are you doing to me? I was tired to read the LOOONNGGG list of all your links that you provided to promote Kindle books… and explained all the details required to do it right .. and the list was getting longer and longer the more I was reading and doing my best to understand what I was doing and THEN… you come up with more links and asked if we need more … WOW… you sure knowledgeable and full of great energy… THANKS so much… following your post means I do not need to go anywhere else to learn … Clint! you must write your book, you have so much to offer and share. I’ll even pre-order on Amazon. Book promotion is almost a full time job, and a lot of people thinking writing the book is the hard part! Reply Michael Shook Seriously, Sarah, I have read a ton of Amazon advice posts and articles and info-products and courses and not a single one of them has come even close to the thoroughness with which you have covered promotion here in this post. It is almost like you have actually done these things rather than simply curated a bunch of smart-sounding ideas from around the internet (I would have put the tongue in cheek icon, if I’d known what it was) because I know that what you write is exactly how it is, and you hands down share the best information with us. Thank you. Reply Sarah, Thanks so much for such a valuable post. I know several people who will be interested in this information (including myself). I’m glad you mentioned Fiverr. I’ve used them before but I don’t think I would have thought of looking there for this task. Reply Silviu Hi, Thank you very much for this comprehensive list. Giveaways, blog tours, facebook, twitter, press releases WOW!!! I had no idea that you need to go in so many places to promote your kindle book. On the other hand if you do this hard work and you do it in a smart way, you’ll enjoy a beautiful reward. This kind of information is gold because it saves you a lot of time and effort. I’m grateful you took the time to build this list. Kindle books is a tremendous opportunity and it’s here to stay. I think it will last for many, many years as people love to read books and this will not go away. I’m glad I have found this site and I’ll constantly check for updates. Have a nice day Reply Great list! We are listed on the Author Marketing Club page, but wanted to let you know that we still are listing free books for Kindle, plus Bargain Books for Kindle and from Smashwords :) My name is linked to our website. We also have a kids focused site – BookGoodiesKids – for Children’s Books and YA books. As an author, I thank you for this list! With the affiliate program changes a lot of sites stopped featuring free books so it’s hard to keep up. Reply Pipa Great read, I published a book on Kindle but had very few free places to promote it. I will now use these sites to get more readers. Thanks. Reply Nikki This is a great list of tips. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! I just published my first Kindle book and made it to the #2 spot in Amazon’s Career Guides sub-category. Tomorrow, the book goes back to $4.99. I wish I’d saw this BEFORE I ran my KDP promotional period. I’m bookmarking though. Amazon has only seen the beginning of all I have to offer! :) Reply marquita herald Hey Sarah, I know people just love these lists, but I gotta point out that some of these out outdated. For example AskDavid no longer accepts free listings, and then there’s Snicklist that only accepts a listing after the book is already free, and others on this list that require a rank of 4* and a minimum number of reviews (usually 5 to 10, but a couple are up to 20). I would recommend anyone using this or any other list set up a spreadsheet to keep track of the url to the submission page along with guidelines for each site. I actively manage a list of over 100 sites for book promotion so I’m very familiar with who does what. Thanks! Reply Jeevan Jacob John Hey Sarah, Thanks for the share. I have bookmarked the post; this will definitely help when I launch my Kindle Book :) So, Amazon allows a 5 day free period huh? I am planning to keep one of my Kindle Books free for lifetime (Steve from Stevescottsite has a guide on that). Anyways, thanks for the post :) Reply Stephan

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