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a summery of every chapter in freak the mighty? ...Chapter 7 What do Max and Kevin call themselves in chapter 7? Freak The Mighty!
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Freak the Mighty questions. please help(:? If you type in "freak the mighty, chapter summary" in Google, you will get all the information you need. JM
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Freak The Mighty questions? cliff/ spark notes
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does anyone know the book freak the mighty?? ...which causes people to kind of fear him in a way. He acts the way he does because he is such an outcast and believes he isn...
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Need Book to Adapt to Movie? ...if max doesn't understand. 4. bionics- robot parts on human body. 1. they were friends. they were pregnant at the same time. 2. idk. 3. blade tried to fight them, so freak got on max's shoulders and they had to run into the muddy...