~4 users here now Our innovators need people to use their products and give them feedback! It is hard enough to develop a product. Let's make it easier for them to recruit the critical early users that they need to tell them how to make their products better. Posts must include links to products that are ready to be tested Please tag title with stage and system, i.e., [Android, Alpha] or [IOS, Beta] Please add a description of your product DO NOT post links to pages that only request email addresses or "registration for launch" or "apply here" for future testing. These will be removed. Links to products that are believed not to be in Alpha or Beta will be removed. All posts thought to be spam will be removed. If you are posting, please take the time to test someone else's product as well. I am sure you would like the same. Thanks for helping the community of innovators, developers and entrepreneurs that make this world better! Moderators reserve the right to remove posts for reasons they deem fit Users who are thought to be spamming this subreddit, could be banned at the discretion of a moderator created by focktheulympics[M]a community for 3 years

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