How To Make Bouncy Egg

Can you make an egg bounce? Try this egg-speriment! Completely cover the boiled egg with vinegar. After three days, remove the egg from the jar Gently rinse the shell off the egg with tap water. How does the egg feel? Rubbery? Try bouncing the egg on a hard surface. Get your friends to have a go. Who can get the egg to bounce highest? You can make a coloured bouncy egg by adding food colouring to the vinegar. Or, you can soak raw eggs in vinegar, with a similar result. Don't bounce raw eggs though - they might pop! How does it work? calcium carbonate. Vinegar is an acid - acetic acid. When calcium carbonate is exposed to an acid it reacts. The calcium carbonate egg shell dissolves, but the membrane inside the shell, surrounding the egg, remains intact. This makes the egg feel rubbery. This video shows you how to make a rubbery raw egg: Join in

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How to make a bouncy egg? ...with the egg. Remove the egg from the vinegar. Notice that the egg's shell has disappeared. Eggshells are made up of calcium carbonate, which dissolves in vinegar. The egg should feel...
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how do you make bouncy balls from egg yokes? Yes........... Absolutely possible........ Put the egg in a glass or a deep cup full of vinegar so that it is fully immersed...
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How do you make an egg drop container? ...vinegar has started to fizz. The acid in the the shell. Touch the egg in the vinegar. It should feel... each time. See how high you can make the egg bounce. Now try it with...
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How to make popiah skin? I wouldn't call them bouncy balls but if you soak an egg in vinegar it will get rubbery (don't know if it'll break--never tried to break it)
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how to make hair gorgeous? man, i use to do that when i was in grade school. i dont exactly remember how or why it does what it does, but the trick was that you put a hard boiled egg in a container of vinegar with any food coloring...