Kelly Clarkson - My Grown Up Christmas List

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Who sings the song that goes this is my grown up Christmas list? Sort by
Do you know how I could buy Kelly Clarkson's version of "My Grown Up Christmas List" because it's not on iTune? Grown-Up Christmas List originally performed by Amy ... also been covered by Kelly Clarkson, Monica, Michael Buble...
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What is your favorite christmas song? limewire, frostwire, blubster...
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Kelly Clarkson fans? i need help? I really like "Underneath the Tree" from Kelly Clarkson's new CD. "Sleigh... is also good. "Christmas in the Sand" from Colbie...
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who is the original singer of "my grown up christmas list"? Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.
What key is Kelly Clarkson's version of "Grown up Christmas List" written in? 39 Answers · Entertainment & Music · 20/04/2009
Meaningful Christmas Songs? My Grown Up Christmas List? Is that what you mean? If it is, then ... Streisand, Michael Buble, and Kelly Clarkson.