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7 Mar 06 19:04 Access will / can not format the export information.  It is possible to write Excel VBA code to format the cells in the target spreasheet.  It is possible to write code in Ms. Access VBA to write the Excel VBA code to format the cells and to have the code exported tot he spreasheet.  It is also possible to open the spreadsheet where the information was exported and format the cells from within Ms. Access using Ms. Access VBA code. But you cannot get Ms. Access to format the information prior to / during the export process itself. MichaelRed 8 Mar 06 09:44 The thing is, I have would have to create over 60 formatted excel sheets, with different file names since this is what I need to achieve.  I'm sure there has to be a way for VBA to say OK, we've just created all these excel sheets, dumped all the proper information into each, now lets make the column width this size, and lets bold rows this and that...but it sounds like what MichealRed is saying above, it cannot be done...? RE: Access to Excel export with proper formatting 8 Mar 06 19:33 Didn't say it couldn't be done, DID say you can't get the export function (or transfer... ) to do it. Also didn't say it was a trivial exercise ... regardless of HOW you approach it, as it requires working with both versions of the object hierarchies/models and the variations in the application specific functions (e.g. object models) of VBA, MichaelRed So that leads us back to one empty formated excel sheet??? You do keep in a table all vedors' data, don't you? I would follow Skip's way.... RE: Access to Excel export with proper formatting 10 Mar 06 11:56 You could do this with ONE SHEET and a combobox to select vendor.  You would not need ANY code at all. 1) on sheet1 select DISTINCT vendor to make a vendor list.  Name the range. 2) on sheet2...   a) use A1 as a Data/Validation - List to select a vendor using the named range.   b) select the data you need with a cirteria for a vendor.  Link the parameter in A1 to the criteria in Data/Get External Data/Parameters Skip, Pharaoh Faucet Majors Skip, What are your thoughts on the following code...I understand what you are trying to have me do above, it's sort-of what Id like to do, but I've gotten some feedback, and the below code is close, but I am still getting a run time error 3001 "Arugments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another" and the below code is highlighted....any thoughts as to why? I'm kinda a newbie to VBA so I'm slowly working thru my problems. rs2.Open str1Sql, CurrentProject.Connection, acForwardOnly, acLockReadOnly, adCmdText CODE Private Sub Command5_Click()       15 Jun 06 02:57 Did you ever get this project working.  I recently got called back to active duty and am stuck in Iraq without most of my resources.  For the most part I am not working in my career field, or even my old army MOS, which is probably a good thing LOL.  I am trying to do something very similiar to what you were trying to accomplish.  But like I said, previous code I wrote and my references are all back home. I would apprciate a look at the code if that is possible. Thanks again for your any help. RE: Access to Excel export with proper formatting 15 Jun 06 08:48 Unfortunetly, I gave up on the project a while back due to other priorities.  Like I said, the original code will spit items into excel from access, but WITHOUT the proper formatting.  I've been to many other forums to get other opinions.  Some have tried to help, but nothing quite worked the way I wanted to.  Most people are telling me I shouldnt have to code anything, but I have a lot of data that I need to export to MANY excel files, so if there was a way to do it, it would make my life easier.  Do a GOOGLE search with the something similar to the subject heading of this thread and also inlcude the word "Forum".  Let me know if that helps, and if you, yourself finds an answer, please let me know as well. Thanks 17 Jun 06 16:12 Well the problem with using a Macro with a master sheet is, that I have about 60 seperate workbooks that spit out once the query is finished.  I'd have to open up each sheet individually to reformat, that is what I am trying to avoid. Thanks again with the follow up and come home safe. RE: Access to Excel export with proper formatting 17 Jun 06 18:38 I agree you should not be opening the workbook.  Just itenerate through each worksheet programmatically, then have the program do the paste special. so.. your program spits out the 60 worksheets into a new workbook, b. 1.  call a procedure that opens to the master worksheet and do a copy of the entire worksheet. 2.  have the procedure then move to workbook b worksheet(x), select the entire worksheet and then do a paste special, formating. 3.  have the procedure then move to the next worksheet and repeat 2 until there are no more worksheets.   Anyway, your post was so helpful, that I wanted to offer some ideas.  I have done what I am trying to describe here, but I really don't have access to my reference materials, or previous code, at least for a few more months.  If a master worksheet is not practical, then of course this idea won't work. Good Luck. 19 Jun 06 08:16 Ok sounds like this has been around a little while so i'm going to put my 2 cents in. I had to do something similar to this and what I ended up doing is to add the excel object to the routine and then a few lines to format the columns as needed then delete the query def as in your example before the rs. next statement. worked for my needs (multiple sheets as well as multiple workbooks) i'll dig through my code to see if i can find the routine i used if you would like to see it. my code is longer than what your needing i think as i have 40 columns i'm dealing with all with different widths and formatting. RE: Access to Excel export with proper formatting     X = Shell("excel.exe c:\aleader.xls", vbMaximizedFocus) End Function 5 20 Jun 06 10:25 I do this fairly often.  I create the query and export it to excel.  You than open the excel sheet, select, 'Tools/Macros/Record New Macro' and make your formatting changes.  You end the recording, hit ALT-F11 to get into code view and view the VBA generated in module1 in the 'modules' section.  This will give you the starting point to recreating the code in Access.  For simple formatting - i.e., resize columns, bold headers, freeze panes, you can have a simple sub that does the work for you and call it. CODE 'you must add a reference to excel in your project for this to work 'i.e. Microsoft Excel 11.0 Object Library 'fileIn is the fullpath and name of the excel file 'sheetIn is the name of the worksheet you are trying to format - typically this 'is the first 31 characters of the query you exported with the 'DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9,... command in a different sub 'if you run this code against any excel spreadsheet: FormatExcelBasic "c:\test.xls", "testsheet" 'the test sheets will end up with autofitted columns and frozen, bolded, aqua headers On Error GoTo errHan

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