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Robert Irvine For other people named Robert Irvine, see Robert Irvine (disambiguation). Robert Irvine Born Television show(s) Irvine was born Robert Paul Irvine [4] and was raised in Wiltshire, England. He began his cooking career upon enlisting in the Royal Navy at the age of fifteen. Having completed culinary training, Robert served aboard Her Majesty's Royal Yacht Britannia. [5] Upon completion of his 10-year tour of duty, Irvine performed consultant work in Bali, Jakarta, and Ho Chi Minh City before becoming Executive Chef aboard numerous cruise ships and high end establishments such as Trump's Taj Mahal, [6] culminating with the five-star MS Crystal Harmony. He had started his television career on Food Network on a show called “Fit for a King” which was later re-titled before broadcast to Dinner: Impossible where he would be given countless challenges over the course of the life of the show. This later led to the even greater success with his television show, Restaurant: Impossible. Irvine has been involved with the Children Uniting Nations charity that was founded by southern California socialite Daphna Ziman. He was one of a team of celebrity chefs who participated in their fundraising dinner for the 77th Academy Awards in 2005 [8] in addition to serving as Head Chef at their 78th Academy Awards dinner in 2006. In 2006, Irvine announced his intention to open two restaurants in St. Petersburg, Florida. Irvine had impressed a Florida socialite with the claims he was a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, [23] had a degree in food and nutrition from the University of Leeds, [23] and had served at the White House as a chef, [23] a claim Irvine also made in the opening segment of his Food Network show, Dinner: Impossible, which was later found out to be accurate. [24] An article in the 17 February 2008 issue of the St. Petersburg Times quoted sources who disputed some of Irvine's assertions. [23] As a result, Food Network pulled Irvine's biography from its website. Network spokesperson Lisa De Colle said they were "taking the necessary steps to ensure the accuracy of all representations of Robert." Beginning with the episode that first aired on 20 February 2008, the claims that Irvine had worked for three US presidents and the British Royal Family were removed from the opening sequence of Dinner: Impossible, [25] though former White House executive chef Walter Scheib confirmed in the article that Irvine had worked in the Navy Mess facility in the West Wing of the White House. In 2008, Irvine posted to his blog to "set the record straight" regarding his past service and point out erroneous reports made by the St. Petersburg Times. This included letters from those he worked with at the White House, including Rear Admiral Michael H. Miller, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Military Office who said in a letter to Irvine "… the White House Mess has always served good food; what it needed was a master’s touch to provide truly exceptional dining experiences. And that is precisely what you taught us… by lending your name, your time and your talents to the White House, you have helped us to literally recraft the image of this most exclusive mess. Your involvement and active support… created a revolution of sorts in the Presidential Food Service..." [26] and F.X. Fuller, Director of Presidential Food Service who also said in a letter to Irvine "Thank you very much for volunteering your valuable time for coming to the White House to train our chefs. Your culinary skills and current cooking techniques you shared with our staff have enabled us to take our service to an even higher level. The fact that you are giving back to your community clearly demonstrates that you are a great mentor, true professional and above all, loyal citizen of the United States. You can be assured your efforts have already been recognized by President Bush and senior White House staff…" On 20 November 2008, Food Network announced that they had rehired Irvine to host six episodes of Dinner: Impossible with a scheduled air date in March 2009. [34] The first episode of Irvine's new season aired on 8 April 2009, and was one hour in length. [35] Irvine continued as host of Dinner: Impossible until it ceased production in 2010, following its eighth season. Following the end of Dinner: Impossible (which continues in reruns), Irvine embarked on two new projects with Food Network. In late 2010, the Food Network began advertising the second season of Worst Cooks in America featuring Irvine (replacing Chef Beau MacMillan) training a cadre of would-be cooks in competition with Chef Anne Burrell. The show premiered on 3 January 2011. In advance of the show's premiere, Irvine teamed with Cat Cora to battle Burrell and Michael Symon in the special "Battle Deep Freeze" on [37] He was the second chef eliminated from the competition after losing a peanut secret-ingredient showdown against Chef Michael Chiarello. [38] Starting on 3 November 2013, Irvine hosted a new Food network series called Restaurant Express. In this series, Irvine challenged 9 chefs to a series of tests for a chance to open a restaurant in a Las Vegas, Nevada spa and casino. On 2 December 2012, Irvine appeared alongside Masaharu Morimoto and Ted Allen on the Battle Holiday Gingerbread episode of Iron Chef America representing Food Network against a team of Cooking Channel stars including Michael Symon, Nadia Giosia and Ben Sargent. In the episode, Irvine removed his chef's coat, stating that he does not wear chef's coats very often. Iron Chef Michael Symon commented on this by saying that he had a bet that Irvine would remove his chef's coat after 25 minutes of the competition and that he lost because he removed it much earlier. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto also stated that Irvine removed his chef's coat to show off his muscles. Irvine appeared in 13 seasons of Restaurant: Impossible, and was also featured on Chopped, Guy's Grocery Games and others. In 2016, he appeared on All-Star Academy, where he mentored Natasha Clement to the finale where she won the $50,000 grand prize. Mission: Cook! and Impossible to Easy, were published in 2007 and 2010, respectively. In April 2011, he began work as a regular columnist for Muscle & Fitness magazine, with the magazine featuring his recipes regularly through 2016. In 2015, he published Muscle & Fitness and had aspirations to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He developed a passion for weight training and physical fitness at an early age, played rugby, and by the time he joined the British Royal Navy, was strong enough to be a wheelman in the Field Gun Competition, carrying a large cannon wheel for his team. Fit Fuel combines healthy recipes, Robert's own workouts, and the tough love motivation that he became known for on Restaurant: Impossible. Amazon customers have ranked all three of Irvine's books 4.5 stars out of 5. In 2014, he appeared on the cover of Train magazine, shirtless. In May 2016, he launched Robert Irvine Magazine, which works as a continuation of the concepts presented in Fit Fuel. A healthy lifestyle publication, the magazine features healthy recipes, workouts, gear recommendations, expert advice from doctors and trainers, and life advice and success tips from celebrities and professional athletes. Between 2012 and 2016, Irvine launched a bevy of healthy food products, including Fit Crust frozen pizzas, Fit Crunch protein bars, and their low-carb counterpart, Fit Elite protein bars, as well as a "better for you" cheesecake and frozen crab cakes. Charitable Work[edit] In 2014, Irvine founded The Robert Irvine Foundation to honor the men and women of the military. The foundation raises money and then allocates grants to active duty men and women and veterans in need. [39] Irvine is also a regular contributor to the Gary Sinise Foundation and regularly appears at the organization's Invincible Spirit Festivals. For his work in honoring the men and women of the U.S. military, Irvine was honored with a Patriot Award from the Medal of Honor Society in September 2015, [40] alongside ABC News' Bob Woodruff, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, and Marine Corps Commandant Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. In 2016, Irvine was awarded the third highest honor within the U.S. Department of the Army Civilian Awards, the Outstanding Civilian Service Award, for substantial contributions to the U.S. Army community through his work with the Robert Irvine Foundation. Explaining his passion for giving back to those who serve in the military, Irvine told Muscle & Fitness, "When you strip it all away, this is what gets me out of bed in the morning—the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives. And to positively affect the lives of those who defend our freedom is the cause that is closest to my heart. All the success I have I owe to the fact that I live in a free society in the greatest nation on Earth. That freedom is made possible by the selfless sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. No amount of money I donate or benefits that I attend can ever scratch the surface on the debt we owe to these men and women and their families, but it is imperative that we try. It all starts to fall apart if we fail to show our gratitude." Daily talk show for The CW[edit] In September 2016, Irvine launched a daytime talk show which airs weekdays on The CW. Titled The Robert Irvine Show and produced by Tribune Studios and Irwin Entertainment, the series features Irvine in the traditional conflict-resolution talk format trying to work out problems between subjects who come on the series.

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