Robert Irvine - Easy "anywhere" Workout

")) // Link alterations for the TS // - Change all links to the "buy now" links, wrap cells with same link so it's all clickable // Note: Soldout removes the button, and the href from the link // Note: MultiTS changes class="buttonarea" to id="buttonarea0" and other stuff $(".zTsFlyout .ts").each(function(){ var zCur = $(this) var zCurButton = zCur.find(".product .button") var zLink = zCurButton.attr("href") var zCM = zCurButton.attr("manual_cm_re") if (zLink) { // Change existing links so they all match zCur.find("a") .attr("href", zLink) //.attr("manual_cm_re", zCM) //.attr("manual_cm_sp", zCM) // Wrap cell with link var zNewLink = $("") .attr("href", zLink) //.attr("manual_cm_re", zCM) //.attr("manual_cm_sp", zCM) zCur.wrap(zNewLink) } }) }, } ); // Find existing TS flyout, and annihilate it $(HSN.Instance().FlyoutManager.Flyouts).each(function(){ if (this.Url == "/headerfooter/todaysspecial") this.RemoveHandlers() }) // Replace the flyout with a new, non ajax version var NewFlyout = new HSN.Flyout({ closeClass: 'ir', trigger: '#todayspecial', //triggerEvent: HSN.Flyout.TRIGGER_EVENT.HOVER, disableHover: Modernizr.touch, triggerEvent: Modernizr.touch ? HSN.Flyout.TRIGGER_EVENT.TOUCH_WITH_CLOSE: HSN.Flyout.TRIGGER_EVENT.HOVER, flyout: '#todayspecial .flyout' }); HSN.Instance().FlyoutManager.Add(NewFlyout) } // END: 01/07/16 - TS Add presale to flyout });

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